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Triton recreational teams offer local athletes a unique and low-key place to train year-round with high-quality coaching and professional-level training. Players are expected to play with integrity and perform at standards set by our coaching staff. Team workouts are designed to prepare athletes to compete in high school and college while instilling values that will last a lifetime. Players are allowed to participate in local tournaments and develop their skills. The idea of team sport and social development is deeply embedded in our team philosophy. This shapes our younger athletes to work with our older players set as role models to create a bond that promotes a team that plays with and for each other. 

Recreational Teams & Seasons | 2022 - 2023

Triton Recreational Teams are a season-to-season program for entry-level athletes and individuals who are not yet ready for national-level tournaments. This membership offers a flexible season commitment allowing you to create a membership that works for you. 

12U Boys 14U Boys 16U Boys 18U Boys
15 Athletes 15 Athletes 15 Athletes 15 Athletes


12U Girls 14U Girls 16U Girls 18U Girls
15 Athletes 15 Athletes 15 Athletes 15 Athletes


Fall (No HS) Winter Spring Summer
Aug 22nd - Nov 10th Nov 14th - Feb 10th Feb 24th - May 12th  May 22nd - Jul 28th
Winter Quarter Schedule (12U - 18U): The Winter quarter schedule will be released in early September.

Coaching Staff

The Triton Water Polo coaching staff includes former USA National Team Members, NCAA National Champions, College and High School All-Americans, and current local Varsity High School Coaches. Each of our coaches works hard to ensure that their players develop the skills needed to be successful in water polo and, most importantly, as individuals. Our coaches take pride in building individual athletic skills and team concepts such as leadership and communication to ensure our athletes progress and participate in all age groups and skill levels. We believe in building a greater Tri-Valley Water Polo community and strive to connect our players, parents, and coaches to improve our players' bright futures


Athletes will participate in 3 practices per week (6 Practice Hours). Practices will be structured with individual development in skills with station work or structured based team practices.  Recreational athletes have the option to add swimming and strength training to supplement their water polo practices. The additional training adds 2 practices per week (4 practice hours)​​​​​. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Water Polo  Swimming (Add-On) Water Polo Swimming (Add-On) Water Polo

Private Lessons

Athletes will have the opportunity to book one 30-minute private lesson at no cost with one of our coaches to help further their development. Coaches will work one on one with athletes to fix shooting habits, work on positioning, game understanding, chalk talk, etc.

This will be exclusive to the recreational team athletes. After you have used your lesson, you can choose to continue them at the coaches availability. 

Winter Practice Schedule | Nov 14th - Feb 10th

Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Practice Site
12U 7:00- 9:00 PM 7:00- 9:00 PM (Swim Add-On) 7:00- 9:00 PM 7:00- 9:00 PM (Swim Add-On) 7:00- 9:00 PM Las Positas College (40 Meter)
14U 7:00- 9:00 PM 7:00- 9:00 PM (Swim Add-On) 7:00- 9:00 PM 7:00- 9:00 PM (Swim Add-On) 7:00- 9:00 PM

Las Positas College (40 Meter)



Tuesday/Thursday Practices: These are optional practices that can be signed up for at registration.

Local Tournaments & Scrimmages

This training is where athletes can implement what they learn in practice and gain experience. Teams will participate in three local tournaments and various scrimmages with other local development teams. Local tournaments are usually within an hour's drive at most. Scrimmages will typically be on TuesdayThursdays. Travel tournaments will not be a part of this program. However, there may be an oppurtunity for individual athletes to participate in a travel tournament with a competition team.  

Team Gear

Through our new partnership with Ducko, you will be given a game suit included in your membership dues as a Recreational Team member. There will be seasonal stores where you can purchase more items. You will be asked to wear your team suit to all games.

USAWP Membership

Before registering for a Competition or Recreational membership, you must obtain a Gold USA Water Polo Membership. This membership is required to participate in any practices, games, camps, or training trips.

Birthday Verification: In your USAWP Portal, you must also complete the birthday verification. It takes a couple of days to process.

Try Outs & Minimum Requirements

If you want to try out a practice before registering, please reach out to You will need to obtain a free USAWP 14-Day Trial Membership before arriving.

Our minimum requirements to participate on our recreational teams are as follows:

  • Must be water safe
  • Be able to swim a 100 Yard (4 Laps) freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke without stopping
  • Must be able to tread water off the wall for a minimum of 2 minutes

Not Ready To Jump In?

If you are not yet ready to jump onto a Recreational Team, we offer Splashball™ and Intro To Water Polo Camps as an avenue to prepare and build the fundamentals needed to play on a team. These programs are low-key and fun to ensure a positive experience.

Triton Aquatics will also offer private and small group swim lessons and entry-level swim teams starting Winter 2022 - 23.

Sibling Discount

Families with more than one athlete enrolled in either Competition, or Recreational teams will receive 15% off monthly enrollment for the second child and 25% off for the third. Please email membership@tritonaquatics with their information, and we will provide you with a discount code for registration. You will need to request a new code every quarter. Discounts will not be applied during the registration process automatically.

Triton Referral Program

The Triton Referral Program awards current members a saving when they refer new members and are assigned to a Recreational or Competition Team. After the current and new members are registered, both will receive a 10% credit for that quarter's dues. Please email with your Triton Referral's first and last name along with their email.

Membership Dues

Recreational Member dues are processed at $385 monthly + $125 for Swimming & Conditioning (optional). After the completion of the season, you will have to register for the next season.

The Triton Recreational Membership Includes:

All Water Polo Practices Monthly Private Lesson ($65 Value)
50% Off Triton Performance Camps Scrimmages (3/Mo)
Local Tournaments (4/Season) Team Game Suit Per Year ($50/Value)

Refund Policy

While we want everyone to commit to the season, we understand that things come up that are out of our control. We always recommend purchasing AIG Sports Insurance during the registration process.

Our refund policy is as follows:

1. Full Refund (Before Season Start Date): Must have a written request received before the registration date.

2. Following the start of practice, if you request a refund during the first month, you will receive the second and third installments back. If you request a refund during the second month of practice, you will receive the third installment back. Must have a written request received before the registration date.

3. Refunds will not be processed in each season's last month of practices.

Missed Practice Days: There are no make-up days or credits for missed practice days due to athlete schedule conflicts, sickness, or choosing not to come to practice. We will only issue credits/refunds for missed practices due to the facility shutdown due to weather, schedule overlap, or facility availability.

By registering for your season, you acknowledge and agree to the terms above.